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by Shane Harrington 2 months ago in surreal poetry
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Animalistic, walking on two legs.

Sometimes the music doesn’t touch the emotions seeking resolution.

Note by note the letter never finds meaning.

We are always searching for that next great rush.

Animalistic, walking on two legs.

Powerful under the armor of my creation. Naked and afraid of the lions.

Roaring Into the hunt.

Walking on my tell.

Listening to my ego.

Animalistic, walking on two legs

You think you got it all figured out. I understand.

You are feeling good.

Only that feel good is always chasing the next one.

Round by round life hits the ropes.

Animalistic, walking on two legs

But, life is good. Just living. You know, because you can read.

Note by note.

surreal poetry

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Shane Harrington

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