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Angry Man

by Jjenni Dagnelli 4 months ago in art
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Angry man 👣

Can you calm the angry man

Make him understand anything in his torrent of demise

This disguise to hide

to hide his sadness inside

A empty room filled with noise

Waiting for good girls and boys

To fill it’s space with time in this place that never stood a chance

A empty laugh

With more time to pass

A broken dream to make you scream

When good things did not last

Rip tides and sea shells

Ominous mountains from which we fall

Landing in fires breathed in hell

As we walk a life under its spell

But can you calm the angry man

Leaving your hands in your pockets as you speak

Twisted words that sound up surd barely understood as they cut you down to make you feel weak

Scattered plates across the room

A long hallway to meet your doom

Painful words that echo soon

All bring you back to sometime in June

You become obsessed with the month

You can’t think let alone run

What’s done is done

And in the end you still have no one

But a broken doll that had its dream

A world we’re nothing is what it seems

Open windows and closed doors

You know that there is something more

You can feel it even when you are not sure

Calling out down the corridor

Your feet just want to go

But your heart has to know

So you move along twice as slow

Walking a road covered in snow

You can’t even remember what you were told

So you leave it all to your soul

But again I will ask

Can you calm an angry man

As his shoes fill with sand walking the desert land

A world awash that he had lost because he tossed it aside into the trash

Cast aside into his lies

Broken down into the ground

Growing loud when there is no sound

Broken glass that cuts you fast

All of the dreams that made you scream

As you watched them disappear

Living in fear

You were nowhere near of ever calming the angry man down


About the author

Jjenni Dagnelli

the poetry beneath your skin

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