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They are all around us

Photo by Annalisa Bellini on Unsplash

Angels are all around us if you pay attention you will see.

They are in people you meet or places you can’t see.

There’s a whole new world just open your mind and believe.

You will see your angel flying high above the sea.

Angels will check up on you at anytime of need, they will leave you clues so that you can see.

Your angel knows when to appear and when to stay clear.

So don’t think your angel can’t see or hear. So when you think you have misplaced something dear, just know that was your angel showing you that they are near.

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Gwendolyn Farris - baldwin
Gwendolyn Farris - baldwin
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Gwendolyn Farris - baldwin

I am a mother of 4 children , I enjoy writing poems in my spare time. My goal is to become an author and have all of my poetry published in a book.

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