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My body remembers…

By Rayn BPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 1 min read

You don’t remember the surgery.

The sensation of the incision,

Instruments adjusting organs,

Cauterizing, extracting...


The needle they insert

And the burn of anesthesia

Are the last memories of discomfort

Before waking up

To the stitches, the aftercare

The healing.


You didn’t witness

What caused the pain,

But you know it happened.

There’s a logical reason

Why you are hurting

And instructions on how

To have the best recovery.


But imagine your body

Acting like it’s been through




But there’s no memory to blame.

No recollection of why:



The smell of alcohol on breath and in sweat

A hug that lasts too long

A promise that “…you can trust me…”



Like a nail gun through skin

And I must be careful

Not to wince

And give myself away.


And one day,

Someone you find

To confide in

And share your symptoms

Proposes a cause

To all these effects...


“Perhaps you had

Invasive surgery...

Long ago,

At a time you possessed

The mind of a child

With no ability to comprehend,

Stop from happening,

Object to...

That no one told you about?”


And then,

It all starts to make sense.

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About the Creator

Rayn B

I have been writing poetry and lyrics since I was a child. I have recently started writing short scripts for “found footage” horror TikToks. I dream of writing books and full length screenplays. Thanks for being in this community with me!

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  • Lamar Wigginsabout a month ago

    Wow! This was thought provoking and left me wondering about myself. Great visual and flow to this. Top story in my book!

  • Allie Bickerton2 months ago

    Wow! 🥺

  • Cathy holmes2 months ago

    Oh my God. This is heartwrenching. You are an incredible writer. Thank you for sharing.

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