by bailey 6 months ago in surreal poetry

Messier 31

we’re all a little lost

feeling so close, but being so distant-

you teach me self love.

i question every name on the list and..

wander into my ascent up above.

i’m tired of people belittling the truth-

everyone knows “faith” comes in time with its proof.

you can’t take from others what isn’t there,

and you seem to think that content feel means to swear-

to others, your life, your time and your energy

your power, your money... is it even within me?

show me the strength, the very power of your limbs,

and i’ll branch out the very second you see fit.

demanding self love seems like quite the heady task, but after all

we can clearly see your mask.

i’m tired of dealing with all these worldly human problems,

i want to go back fucking home to andromeda.

surreal poetry
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nothing means anything, and that is the answer to everything

i’m an artist

i sing, tho i’m not that great

i play instruments

i write

i paint

i dance

i express myself in many different ways, though art in all forms seems to be the most liberating

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