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And There Was Daryl

Last night

By real JemaPublished about a month ago 1 min read
And There Was Daryl
Photo by RODRIGO GONZALEZ on Unsplash

Last night I

sliced away at the

red and blue strings

harvesting anxiety

releasing remnants

of us and of you

but I cut too deep

and before the birth

of another scar

I felt the world spinning

and purgatory panting

before the pull of his voice

a sound reverberating

ripples of past pledges

that were always delivered

scrolled sincerely by a

tight trusted tongue

through years of trauma

he's been a persistent light

even when I blow out candles

and scroll over his name

with knives bleeding raven ink

he flutters back chewing cocoons

and when midnight bleeds

into my darkness he reminds me

that I am still a butterfly and he

is my deepest wildflower

eternally embedded together in

worlds between heaven and hell

Credit : Sweet Pea

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real Jema

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  • M.B Hesperia about a month ago

    Truly beautiful.

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