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An Ode to the Night's Keeper, the Moon

An Ode to the Night's Keeper, the Moon invites you to join me on a trip down our personal past interactions with the moon. It's a reflective journey, illuminated by the gentle light of memory, where I delve into moments shared under the moon's watchful gaze. I invite you to experience the warmth and comfort found in revisiting cherished memories, as we journey together through the depths of nostalgia and introspection. TO THAT ONE CELESTIAL BODY, THE MOON

By Ayomide Oyeyinka Published about a month ago 2 min read
An Ode to the Night's Keeper, the Moon
Photo by Guzmán Barquín on Unsplash

A fleeting glance at the fading sky,

The golden ember, the sun sets slowly towards the west

The birds of the air took pace towards their place of rest

The day is slowly slipping away with a weary sigh,

Each of its steps whispers echoes of day passing by

Shadows began to lengthen beneath the darkening sky.

Briskly but calmly, I picked up my pace

On the familiar bushy path threading yesterday’s trace

A gentle breeze, a tender caress,

Whispers secrets of the heart, a silent confess.

In the fading light of dusk's embrace,

I tread the path of memories, seeking solace.

With a heart heavy yet yearning for release,

I tread the familiar path, seeking inner peace

In the gentle breezes’ caress, I find solace sweet,

One long silence, I could hear the earth breathe

Accompanied by its light, the moon makes an entrance

Oh, how it glows like a beacon in the night,

Casting its spell, bathing all in its soft light.

I took a look, amazed and caught in a trance

The beautiful moonlight brimming with its unique energy

A spark of inspiration, I mumble a eulogy

Memories stir within, a symphony of sighs,

As I gaze upon the moon with tearful eyes

Since ancient time,

The moon reigned alone

The moon existed alone

Never looking off her prime

Always looking cold and proud

Who first saw the moon in the clouds?

Who saw the moon for the first time at the side of the river?

When was the first light cast on people by the moon on the side of the river?

Celestial body of wonder!

How has it been with you yonder?

From my inception, you have watched over me,

As a silent guardian and faithful as you can be

A flashback to my childhood days when I raced with you

A reminisce to the time you tailed behind me

I can remember taking large strides trying to flee from you

While basked in your glow, I run around hoping to be free

For years, I have in your light taken my bath

In your gentle glow, dear moon, I see my path

Shine on, dear moon, with all your might,

And illuminate my soul every night.

Life has been endless

Generations upon generations have been helpless

None could stand tall in face of time’s mercilessness

But not you proud body standing tall and fearless

You have been a witness to the joy, sorrow and struggles of all life,

A constant companion to all in life

Yet witnessing countless of their deaths in years

That must have been hard, I guess

Life's river continues to flows endlessly,

With each generation a mere ripple in eternity

Without regards for the age or epoch,

You are never within time’s clutch

One great privilege of your entity

A snap back to reality

The world around me fades to shades of grey,

Yet you, my companion, the moon above, illuminates my way.


About the Creator

Ayomide Oyeyinka

I am many things

A Writer ✍️

A Poet

A Copywriter

A Nigerian

Greener Earth Enthusiast

I have my background in Mass Communication and the sequence Persuasive Journalism (PR&AD).


I pray thee, unto me, make mention of me to potential clients 😁

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