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An Ode to the Covid Life

by Vanessa Powell 2 years ago in inspirational
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As I was desperately trying to fall asleep due to back pain...these words started to chant in my mind & I wouldn’t stop until I wrote them down.

“Stay in your home, locked away”

You can’t go out and play, they say

You stay far, far away from people

And the ones on the other side, will call you “sheeple”

Keep your distance,

Wash your hands,

These were the world’s starting commands

Wait, wait, wait, we have a new task

Don’t forget to wear your mask,

Your world has turned upside down

Your smile has faded to a frown

Things get worse before they get better

So you continue to sulk in your warm sweater

Don’t eat out, go to bars or to the gym

Or your contraction rate looks grimm

Keep your distance,

Wash your hands,

These were the world’s continuing commands

Come on people, that’s not how it goes

Please, wear your mask OVER your nose!

Here we go! Oh yes, It’s great!

Phases of reopening were now up to date!

But is it safe? We questioned this a lot...

We tried to do normal stuff, or so we thought

but in and out were our best shot

It’s been a year since it has all shut down

but I still don’t feel safe in my small little town

I created, I crafted, I learned new things

And for that I am grateful to grow my wings

I slowed down and paid attention to time

and also found that long lost dime

you know the one I mean?

It’s stuck in the couch, thought never to be seen

I rearranged the rooms in my house

I even learned how to be quiet as a mouse

Keep your distance...

Hold on wait

I’m too busy putting on all this weight

I started cooking more food at home

I’m not ready to come out of my dome

Ok Ok, it’s time to get outside

Dust of the bike and go for a ride

I’m starting to feel more like myself

It just takes time to adjust oneself

The world is weird and may never go back

And that’s ok, because I think I’m starting to feel back on track


About the author

Vanessa Powell

I am a portrait photographer, graphic designer, creator extraordinaire. I suppose I am dabbling in writing too 😊 | Based in Evansville, IN | I am 721vanessa Photography | www.721vanessa.com

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