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An Ode To Paper

A Poem

By Sarah O'GradyPublished 11 months ago 1 min read
Photo Credit: Asya Vlasova (Pexels)

I cut you

Yet you don't cry

Colour you, draw on you

Fold you, make you fly

You weigh so little

Yet you carry heavy loads

Sketching, drafting

Helping to decipher life's codes

Each piece a fresh canvas

Starting out blank and faceless

Through you we learn our identity

You give a voice to the voiceless

Perfectly in view

But often out of sight

Always taken for granted

The secret weapon to every fight

You've collected my tears

Preserved them in time

Listened to my fears

No judgement, always kind

I tear you apart

And go back to the start

Pour out my soul

And tell you my heart

You were taken from your home

Forced to be thin and white

When you could have been free

Drifting and swaying in the sunlight

I crumple you up

Yet you remain whole

You help me to breathe

Let me hash out my woes

I grew up with you

Through the scribbles, drawings and first words

Through all the trials and the triumphs

Thank you for helping me feel heard

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  • Heidi McCloskey11 months ago

    Very well written! Never thought of a price of paper had having that much depth, but you captured it very well.

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