An Ode to a Hunting Cat

I'm the feared hunter of birds in flight, the dreaded chaser of mice at night...

An Ode to a Hunting Cat

I'm the intrepid hunter of the land,

The one whose visit is never planned.

I'm the agile climber of the trees,

Bringer of death and hater of fleas.

I may only be little but I stand tall,

Predator of those that fly and crawl.

I'm to be feared and that is that -

Though to humans I'm just a fluffy cat.

In a past life, I was worshipped no end -

Out in fields, I used to hunt and fend.

Killing birds and catching fish,

I would obey my master's every wish.

My hunting name is Horus the Great,

Though people forget this, at any rate -

I'm expected to cuddle and act all sweet,

Purring pathetically at their feet.

So why is it, that my masters cry,

When I bring them birds, from the sky?

And don't they like the mice I bring,

Tasteful presents, off the hunting King?

They tell me I'm bad and won't let me in,

As if catching creatures is a demonic sin.

I roll my eyes, for I have nothing to say -

I'm on the lookout for my next prey.

Stalking my Kingdom, off I go,

Climbing up high and peering down low.

I'm an Egyptian hunting cat -

Excuse me, please, whilst I catch this rat...

I'm the feared hunter of birds in flight,

The dreaded chaser of mice at night.

I'm also Tiddles, from Number Three -

And I'll always come home for my tea.

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