An Ode to a Coyote Friend

Hunters of the wood

An Ode to a Coyote Friend

Simple creature, tired beast,

You wonder through the wood to feast

To there and yonder, beyond the stars

Your fur glistens through the bleak dark

Whisking through the trees like a ghost

Your tail swings like ships on the coast

Ears standing tall amidst your great pack

Heads bent low, awaiting any attack

With fangs so white, they pale to the moon,

Howling in your chilling silver tune

And for this great song we come to hear

The beauty in a wood so fond of fear

Of those bright yellow eyes -

Casting glows like fireflies -

Hidden in wonder, lost in time,

No hunter can catch this animalistic rhyme.

nature poetry
galaxus  imprum
galaxus imprum
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