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by Eileen Frances Quilter Williams about a year ago in inspirational
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A poem by Elle Fran Williams

An Ode in praise of colour

My roots are green, my face is white

My vote is red, my team is blue

My family have a rainbow hue

The past is not a useful school

past generations not defined

or in spectrum lines confined

My forebears in from far-flung lands

driven travellers in from East, far West

no influence outweighed the rest

My world now has different sights.

with colours bright and views sincere

Old I may be, but my mind is clear

I really hope I’ll live to know

a world, like petals on a flower

where colours all have equal power

I myself am truly blessed

Since I have family of different hue

with black and white, and coffee too!

Even my own past generations

too easily forgot their ‘stranger’ label

with words and deeds meant to disable

You eat with your eyes, with

No colour? stroganoff is merely stew

despite chef’s Michelin star and cordon’ blue!

They say variety is the spice of life

but then colour must be the coverall of variety

No colour? Life’s just boredom and sobriety!

Elle Fran Williams


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Eileen Frances Quilter Williams

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