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An Exposé of my Fragile Body

by Hayley Bonnett 4 years ago in heartbreak

A Poem

I got naked for you

But not in the typical way

My clothes hid my shame

While I waited at the corner of

Child-like and 25-years-old

You stripped me clean

Seeing each crevice and crack

All my dirty, little secrets

Each emotion a freckle

Each memory a scar

You touched my naked body

To make me whole

But each touch left a burn

On my cold, clammy skin

As you grazed each curve

My innocence withered

As I wasted away

You walked away

Leaving me naked, shaking

Cold and clammy

Another freckle

Another scar

Burns in the shape

Of your too-strong hands

I got naked for you

So that I could heal

But you took my innocence and left me in pieces


Hayley Bonnett

19. UCF. Aggressively mediocre at a handful of things.

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Hayley Bonnett
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