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Amnesia of Beautiful Lies

a poem by Solomon

By Solomon WalkerPublished 27 days ago 1 min read
Amnesia of Beautiful Lies by Solomon

In halls of polished pretence, where mirrors magnify,

Echoing whispers of deceit, beneath the azure sky.

Grafted truths wilt and wane in the hush of routine’s lull,

In silence, we accept the lies, a reality too dull.

The pictures painted perfect, in layers of sweet deceit,

Scrawled on canvas of consciousness, a masterpiece replete.

We waltz along the cobblestones of tailored truths and half baked lies,

Dance elegantly with illusion, under falsehood’s disguise.

Venerating scaffolded silhouettes, as pure as morning’s dew,

Ignoring the crumbling facade, and the hollow they imbue.

Idols of clay construct our dreams, glistening in falsehood’s sheen,

Holy texts of tailored times, truth’s lost between the lines unseen.

Monochrome mosaics of reality blend, into a beautiful array,

In the corners of accepted lies, where shadows of truth lay.

Rays of facts elude our grasp, through the lattice of deceit,

We bask in the dim, comfortable glow, where illusion and acceptance meet.

We sip on the sweet nectar of ignorance, intoxicating, divine,

Inebriated, we stumble in fantasy, oblivious to the time.

Eyes wide shut to the festering decay, under the trodden path we tread,

Wearing blindfolds woven from strands of deceit, each thread artfully spread.

Unravel the seams of the silken shroud, and let’s question the divine,

For even the raven knows not all that glitters is benign.

Smouldering betrayal, under ashes of acceptance, silent in its tryst,

Truth is a rare gem often overlooked, lost in the comforting mist.

So dare to peer into the abyss, let curiosity rattle the cage,

Challenge the regency of accepted lies, let truth take center stage.

Blur the lines between the seen and understood, delve into the unknown,

For the world’s a stage, and the truth we seek, is oft a twist, overgrown.

heartbreaksurreal poetryStream of Consciousnesssocial commentarysad poetryfact or fictionart

About the Creator

Solomon Walker

Artist, Photographer, Poet, Entrepreneur. Director, Museum of Digital Fine Arts (MoDFA). Solomon is also creator and curator of MoDFA art group on LinkedIn.

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    Solomon WalkerWritten by Solomon Walker

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