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Amidst the Desperate Mire

Feet heavy and cycling the cowards life

By CrownMasqueradePublished 6 months ago 1 min read
Amidst the Desperate Mire
Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

In the mire of desperation, I wander lost,

A weary soul adrift in shadows deep.

Hope, a fading ember, flickers in my breast,

As despair's tendrils clutch at my very core.

Each step I take, weighted with anguish's yoke,

The path before me shrouded in murky gloom.

Through murky swamps and treacherous bogs,

I stumble, my heart burdened, my spirit weak.

The sirens of despair sing their mournful dirge,

Their haunting melodies echo in my ears.

Their words, like poison, seep into my mind,

Filling it with doubt, with sorrow, and with fear.

The world around me spins in a vortex of despair,

Its colors muted, its beauty lost to me.

I strain to see a glimmer of light,

A beacon of hope amidst this desolate sea.

But the mire pulls me deeper, its grip unyielding,

Entangling me in its suffocating embrace.

I fight against the current, against the tide,

Yet find myself sinking, sinking without respite.

Oh, how I long to break free from this dark abyss,

To rise above the mire and reclaim my soul.

To find solace in the gentle touch of serenity,

And banish desperation's grip forevermore.

But until that day, I'll press on, though weary and worn,

Through the mire of desperation, I'll forge ahead.

For even in the depths of this relentless struggle,

I'll seek the spark of hope, the light that guides me home.

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