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Amid Confetti Fire

An acrostic poem

By Gina C.Published 4 months ago • Updated 4 months ago • 1 min read
Top Story - May 2023
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Daisy whispers that it's over as we watch the fragments fall

Into confetti fire...and I pretend for her that I'm not frightened; that I'm not terrified at all.

"Shh," I say and pull her closer, "Daisylynn, do you recall

The rain upon our windows and the Petrichor of Fall? When we would forage four-leaf clovers,

Reminiscing of our springs spent in Nepal?"

(And as confetti fire blossoms all around us)...as we dissipate into the dust that's shed from a r m a g e d d o n 's ball,

Catastrope surrounds me, and

The pieces of our heaven become one ginormous, crumbled-wall.

(I do my best to distract Daisy)--to keep her well-enthralled; I hum

On beat to Humpty Dumpty--"Do you remember, pretty Daisy, the way he tumbled down and had a fall?" (And as she starts to sing to me about the helpless Kingdom...)

Nostalgia dries our tired tears to salt; (then we cease amid confetti fire)--✨and to final sleep, we waltz✨. 💔


-Gina C.🧚‍♀️✨


This poem was written for the Dancing with Distraction Challenge. :)


Thank you so much for reading! ☺️

I'd be over the moon if we could support each other! I am an active member on the Vocal Discord Server, as well as the Vocal + Assist, Great Incantations, The Vocal Social Society, The Vocal Creators Lounge, and The Medium Writers and Vocal Creators Support Facebook groups. Posting your work there is the best way for me to support you! :) ❤️


About the Creator

Gina C.


  • Twice-published in Vocal's Moment of Freedom Collection:

My Soul of Red

Free Verse

Free-Form poet of ethereal style. 🧚‍♀️✨

Fantasy writer.

A sucker for a good rhyme. ☺️

Fueled by a conflicted soul of fire & water. ❤️‍🔥🧜🏻‍♀️

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Comments (59)

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  • MT Poetry4 months ago

    Great poetry!!!🥰 Poignant depiction of a bittersweet farewell, beautifully capturing the fragility of the moment and the tenderness between the speaker and Daisy.🙌👏

  • Aryan Kumar4 months ago

    ✅️ Great Share ❤️, Thanks👍🤗 ❤️🔥

  • Hessam Shaikh4 months ago

    Loved it!

  • Very good, nice image of the article

  • Kristen Balyeat4 months ago

    OH MY WORD- Gina, this brought tears to my eyes as I imagined myself in this exact position with my two boys. What a beautiful story of a mother's protection, gentleness and fierce love. The entire story was captivating and held my heart with each word. Beautifully done! Seriously! This is incredible!

  • Gary Ragnarsson4 months ago

    This is actually beautiful. Honestly, a genuine delight to read, and I’m more than inspired by it ❤️

  • Amjad Ateih Dib4 months ago

    it is really good one

  • Yayyyyyy congratulations on your Top Story! 🎉💖🎊🎉💖🎊

  • Novel Allen4 months ago

    Stunningly wonderful. Beautifully worded. Marilena is your other distraction.

  • Andrew C McDonald4 months ago

    The imagery and emotion drip off the page like confetti fire from a party disaster. Fantastic work.

  • Brenton F4 months ago

    So beautiful and heartbreaking all in one! You have excelled yourself here and so definitely worthy of a top story place!

  • Loryne Andawey4 months ago

    Oh that is heartwrenchingly beautiful. It reminds me of that scene in the Titanic when the mother lulls her children to sleep with a bedtime story, knowing full well what will happen soon. Well deserved Top Story.

  • Mackenzie Davis4 months ago

    Stunning. This has beautiful rhythm, reads like a song. Just gorgeous. Well done, as always! 💕

  • Ahna Lewis4 months ago

    Ahh, this was so sad and so beautiful! Congrats on your Top Story, Gina!

  • Real Poetic4 months ago

    Congrats! 🎉

  • Nelson Chukwudike4 months ago

    Good image .. nothing can compare to love of a mother to the children.....

  • Melissa Ingoldsby4 months ago

    Congratulations on your astonishing and thoughtful top story you’ll win or I’ll eat my hat! Though I think I need to buy a hat first lol

  • AGB4 months ago

    God this one got me good!! :') Congrats on your TS

  • Judey Kalchik 4 months ago

    Yay! Well deserved recognition if this marvel!

  • Heather Hubler4 months ago

    YAY! So glad you got Top Story!!

  • Cindy Calder4 months ago

    Wow, you packed a great deal into a little poem. It was like reading a novella. Job well done!

  • sleepy drafts4 months ago

    YES! I am so glad to see this as TS! ❤️ Congratulations!!

  • Cathy holmes4 months ago

    And, there it is. Congrats on the TS, you beautiful genius.

  • Aphotic4 months ago

    Wow. The imagery in this is so beautiful yet harrowing. I love that you made it into a story, a mother trying to distract her child from the destruction around them and their inevitable end. You’re a brilliant storyteller and poet. Love this.

  • sleepy drafts4 months ago

    Beautifully done and incredibly thought-provoking. ❤️ I love the storytelling in this poem!

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