Amen to Art


Amen to Art

Trapped in my own truth.

Miseducation has reared its ugly head

submerged my ignorance in the saliva in my mouth.

And at once, my words became sharp; and frequently uncouth.

I felt compelled to apocalypse the fantasy, and liberate the masses, with the

long-hidden message, encoded in the juice of our roots.

Lest they cast me out of heaven.

Like Lucifer, injected into the belly of the underworld;

thrust into a lucid reality outside

the globe of this matrix-modeled earth.

©#ThatGirlMuse Muse Me💞❌⭕ Inure Muse 😍👋🏾😋R°•B, 2015


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©I.M. "That Girl," Inure Muse
©I.M. "That Girl," Inure Muse
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©I.M. "That Girl," Inure Muse

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