Alphabet Aerobics

by Nicholas Goodman 3 years ago in art

Blackalicious Inspiration

Alphabet Aerobics

Blackalicious has inspired me

I answer anonymous afflictions with affection

bleeding the beasts built on bedrocks of basic badness

currently circulating corrupt conception with colorful creativity

during dark days when deception dives deep to destroy doves

excellent entities examine evil egos with easy eyes

for followers full of fear, fulfillment feels far fetched

getting greatness is going ghastly, for ghosts of greed grasp for gain

horror has hold of your heavy head, as you hear howls of heartbreak hope for honesty

inside intelligence insists to interview inspired individuals

and journey past jarring jerks

kindness kneels all killers and klutzes

love lavishly, let light lift and lengthen your life

marvelous meetings of mankind manifest meaningful minds

nearby nature nurtures neophytes in need of novelty

objectivity is obstructed by overly optimistic ones

it's preferred to pessimism penetrating popular perception

queries on quarrels quell your qualms

reality is rancid with rivalry and rancor

so see your situation and solve slowly and sincerely

trust the truth, it's triumphant and terrible.

unveiling uncertainty and uselessness, unique and universal

veer your vessel to valiancy

wish for wellbeing and wonder to wash your world

X-rays on extremes, and exploring entropy

yearning for yin and yang,

zipping towards the zero zone, zealous for zen

Nicholas Goodman
Nicholas Goodman
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Nicholas Goodman

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