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by keondre franklin

By Keondre FranklinPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

What is a true home

It a is a place where you won’t feel alone

When you away you just want to drop a tear

That's why no matter what you want to stay near

A home it not just a house but it’s somewhere you belong

Feeling thar you want to be welcomed you make it known

Just want to go to a place where you fit in

Wanna be close to people that will talk to me and listen

Don't want to be consumed by the darkness around me

Want to be in a place where the warmth is astounding

Do you need a roof to call something a home

It can be people or a happy place where you don't feel alone

Being around negativity feels like your mind is trapped inside

You feelings is tucked down waiting for them to rise

If it makes you happy you should continue to do it

So you won’t feel locked up needing a key to undo it

So if you want to avoid being alone

Go do something or somewhere that will make you warm

I am very lucky to have a place i call home

No you can help others so they won’t feel alone


About the Creator

Keondre Franklin

I want to make people feel again.

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