Alone but Not Lonely

by Alejandra Molina about a year ago in inspirational

Being Alone Gives You the Freedom to Figure out Who You Are

Alone but Not Lonely

Being alone doesn't always mean feeling lonely.

It took me awhile to see that being alone could be a good thing, and it took me awhile to turn being alone into a good thing.

Everybody probably thinks that I'm miserable not having someone to share my life with, truth is I'm perfectly content.

Some people just can't be alone, and they jump from person to person expecting to somehow be fulfilled, and the beauty about being alone is that you learn how to fulfill your own needs, you learn to be your own person.

Sometimes we as humans settle because it's better than being alone and feeling that heaviness within your soul that comes from being alone.

People need other people, I suppose that's the way it's always been. I get it nobody wants to end up alone.

I've felt loneliness, I know what it's like to wish that somebody could just lift me out of my darkness and save me, but it feels even better when you save yourself, when you prove that you can make yourself happy being alone.

When you're alone you learn to appreciate yourself, you learn about the ins and outs of your soul.

Being alone is not bad.

Not needing other people is good.

we come into this world alone and we leave it just the same, so why is everyone so terrified of it?

Relying on others means giving others the power to shatter you into a million pieces. Relying on yourself means being okay when they walk away.

Loneliness sucks, but I'm not lonely. I'm alone and I'm still learning to be alone, I'm learning to be my own first aid kit.

I'm alone but in no way am I lonely...

Alejandra Molina
Alejandra Molina
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