by A. R. Ambrosi 2 years ago in sad poetry

So They Say


They tell you you're not alone

But that's exactly

Where they leave you

And when you try

Or you reach

When you show

Any weakness at all

They treat you like you're less than

Broken, unworthy

And when you finally give up

When you succumb to the darkness

Of being left alone

They say it's your own fault

That they neglected you

You disappear

And they wonder why

You fade into the background

And no one can figure out

Your reasons

You waste your breath

Telling them

You're tired of fighting

You don't want to waste your time

Being used


They say you're not alone

But that's exactly how you feel

When you try your damnedest

To be there for them

Only to be disregarded

When you find yourself in need

Reach for help

And they say you're weak

Or needy

Or greedy

Pull away from toxicity

And they say you must be

Strong enough

To manage on your own

You're obviously doing fine

Even if you're not

You're not alone

So they say

But Alone

Is the name of

The only world

You've ever lived in

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