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All the above

Comfort things

By Isaac Haldeman Published 5 months ago Updated 4 months ago 2 min read
I’m comfy there.

clean feet, socks freshly peeled

toeing the separation of cushion and couch

the call, that they are fed, bathed and asleep

knowing my efforts are seen and kudoed

the rhythmic clinking of silver on the rim

honey swirling up into the cinnamon caffeine blend

the distant sound of blades being shorn

green aroma wafting through the wind

mocking birds, the sirens for love, swarn

lighting with crickets putting on a forest affair

songs to help each bond in pairs

the heat of her calf on my shin

spong like, first dry of a towel on fresh skin

three dots turned to a ding

scrolls from and to, that dopamine thing

hearing my name, Daddy…

anytime, day or night

being near both my external organs

always easier to breath, even in a fight

fingers brushed across my shoulder

words not required on common ground

the coming, staying, then sleeping sound

my dad’s squeeze to the back of my neck

his affirming, always accepting spot-check

the sizzle from one of mom’s inventions

“Oh, just what I had laying around…”

group laughs minus the think

equal standings

sure fittings

full tanks

paid bills

exposed art

freedom to fart

too cold above but Goldilocks under them sheets.

seen faults not carded or laminated

long holds

shared breaths

closed lids, fire colored and heated by the sun

knowing work’s done

hearing my daughter blab

dust, floating in a beam, inside a F150 cab

distant highways

lockstepping leaves and wind

my sometimes haters’ grin

rain pushed to mist through a screen by the breeze

legs still strong at mile 23

this local challenge ;)

cause it offers me balance

the purr of a choosy feline

cork pulled from a new, old wine

pillow’s still warm, she just got up to pee

a jaguar’s grip that sets me free

her wanting me to ask

knowing I won’t punt the task

J. and S. loving my new love

I’m comfy with all the above

But above all

comfort comes from being fully seen

and loved dispite the me I wish to screen


for me

by me

to me


performance poetry

About the Creator

Isaac Haldeman


I try and try.

I enjoy stories and attempting to tell them.

I’m a rich father before I am a poor artist.


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