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All shall fade away

An Ei's story

By rosie_the_redPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

In the land of Inazuma, they vanish like mist,

But the Shogun pursues, her purpose not missed.

Unfettered and unperturbed, eternity's grace,

Closer to Plane of Euthymia, she finds her place.

Lightning, eternal, shadows in its wake,

A fantasy sustained by the reality we make.

Beneath the illusion, deep in the still,

Eternity's essence, a powerful thrill.

Torn to oblivion, yet in dreams, we reside,

In a waking world where illusions may hide.

Woven from dreams, our reality's seam,

"All shall fade away" in Raiden's timeless scheme.


Who is Ei in Genshin Impact?

Ei is the current Electro Archon, and she happens to be Makoto's sister. However, an intriguing twist lies beneath the surface. While many mistakenly refer to her as Baal, the truth is that the previous Electro Archon perished centuries ago, and Raiden has since taken on the mantle.

Ei's rule over Inazuma is an enigma. Most of the time, her consciousness resides in the ethereal Plane of Euthymia, a realm closely tied to her mental state. This mystical plane reflects her emotions, yet Raiden's deep meditation means it often remains unchanged.

In contrast to her sister Makoto, Ei's primary pursuit is 'eternity,' an existence extended as long as possible. She isolates herself, driven by a determination to achieve this elusive goal, a determination born from the profound trauma she endured during the Archon War, where she lost her sister and dear friends.

Despite her role as the Shogun, the day-to-day governance of Inazuma is entrusted to an intricately designed puppet, called Raiden Shogun, a creation crafted following Makoto's tragic demise. Legend has it that Ei has secluded herself within the Plane of Euthymia for centuries, guarding her pursuit of eternity.

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A Genshin lover, coffeer, storyteller - imperfect but uniquely me.

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  • rosie_the_red (Author)5 months ago

    See Ei's trailer here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvrW4aKwAXw

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