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All Aboard

Adventures Aloft: An Aerial Alliteration

By Basel AMPublished about a year ago 1 min read
All Aboard
Photo by Ryan Tang on Unsplash

All Aboard

All aboard, an amazing adventure awaits,

Anxious anticipation, adrenaline abates.

Ascend aboard and admire the amazing array,

Astonishing and astounding, for all to assay.

Around and about, an ascent in the air,

Alluring and adventurous, beyond compare.

Atmosphere and altitude, all to achieve,

Aboard the aircraft, an awe-inspiring leave.

Astonishing sights, above and afar,

Admiring aerial landscapes, so bizarre.

Aircraft ascends, accelerating away,

Above awe-inspiring, astonishing display.

Aerial acrobatics, an amazing affair,

Airborne altitude, an awesome atmosphere.

Adventure and amusement, all aboard,

Awaiting all to ascend and applaud.

surreal poetry

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