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by Faith Freely 2 months ago in surreal poetry
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My Born Again Vision

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

“You’ve watermarked my sight with your blinding light.

There you are,

a floating crosshair

aimed at every target

of my eyes.

I cannot blink you away.

For, when I close my lens,

you flash even brighter

in the abyss of my blindness.

Everything I see

is stamped with your beauty.

You’ve etched a tattoo

that transforms my worldview.

You’ve rebranded reality

in its totality.

Your name is on




At first, I thought it a curse.

“This crosshair is my cross to bear,”

I told myself.

But, upon further inspection,

this distortion of perception

sabotages lacklusters

with starburst clusters.

You are the nebula birthmark

of my born again vision.

Constant constellations

conspire against my grayscale bias.

Shooting stars orbit my crown,

and nevus novas

unveil post-invisible nuances

of unnameable colors

and glistering glorylight.

You’re not on my mind.

You’re in my eyes.

For beholding your heart of liquid gold

was a volcanic vision

that left sunspots

on the windows of my soul

and a scorching scar on my skull.

You illuminate and annihilate.

Your light is as lethal

as a plasma grenade.

You make my eyes water floods

and my heart beat

at hyperspeed.

There is no solution

to your summer solstice,

only the equation

of your equinox

along my equator.

For the subtraction of your addition

leaves me with multiplied division,

an incalculable aftermath.

And the gravity grips me tighter

than a spiraling starfighter,

for I feel like a weapon

with all of this power you’ve left within me.

I’m an assassin staring down

the scope of a sniper rifle.

I am the hitman of humdrums,

the spokesperson for spectrums.

This pen is the trigger,

this ink, the blood,

these words, the bullets.

My viewfinder

is vindicated

in your vicious vivacity,

for now I witness

corpses of dark side craters

bleed moonbows of life

and rise.

When you became a part of me,

piece by piece,

I was able to learn how to love myself fully.

You’ve taught me

that there is no difference

between love and light.”

surreal poetry

About the author

Faith Freely

I write about love, truth, pain, and color.

IG: @zyspex_poet

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