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African Womanhood

Defying Gender Norm

By Nazy AnnPublished 4 months ago 2 min read

I'm a lady, I grew up in a typical African home.
A home where the values of a woman, was or has been entrenched and imbibed in me at a very young age, like no kidding. I live in an environment where I am constantly incessantly , always reminded that I will leave my parents house and I will move to my husband's house

I live in an environment where I am not allowed to make a mistake in the home as a woman because it's means I lack home training
I live in an environment where anytime I make a mistake I am always reprimanded with the "is this what you will be doing in your husband's house statement".
I am tired,
I am human,
I am a woman,
I am not perfect,
I will never claim to be perfect,
I am allowed to make mistakes, mistakes that I deserve to be corrected without the "your husband's house" you know statements being attached to it.
I am not lazy neither am I a Jackie (donkey).
Sometimes I want to,
Sometimes I am in a mood to clean, sweep, wash, iron...
I mean do all sort of house chores and to God who made me I do it with my foot chest.
I am not perfect,
I will never claim to be perfect,
I have flaws,
I am flawed,
I make mistakes,
I am making mistakes,
I will still make mistakes, other times
I just want to relax fix my nails live the baby girl lifestyle,
It doesn't mean I am lazy or that I won't do well in my husband's house.
I believe in equality of all gender the same way I believe in submission of both genders to each other in marriage but more than anything
I learnt from my mistakes and strive to be better everyday, stop treating me less because of my gender.
It is no longer allowed!

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