Adventure Awaits

A Poem about the childhood imagination

Adventure Awaits
My brothers and I playing in the snow when we were little

From the rise of the morning sun

until we felt the chill night air,

my brothers and I would play

Throughout our big backyard.

with our small house residing

high atop a hill

Below were fields and forests

with many places to explore.

in the forests, many paths

From years of children wandering through.

we’d pretend we were adventurers

like Indiana Jones,

Swinging from vine to vine

to save our friends.

deep in the forest

A long, shallow pond,

with banks made of mud

and water dark and murky,

Marking the edge of our yard.

close to the muddy shores,

there lived a little island

Just big enough for three.

we’d become pirates,

running from the law,

Collecting booty

and this abandoned island,

became our new home.

We’d fish there for hours

go inside as it got late

our imperfect faces coated

In sweat and dirt,

longing for more adventure.

the fields also had paths,

Where we learned to ride our bikes.

we’d become racers,

our bikes became cars,

Racing around the tracks

until we wore ourselves out.

at the edge of the field

Were sandstone mountains,

multicolored and beautiful.

we were archaeologists

Climbing these mountains,

in search of fossils

Or carvings in rocks

At the end of the day

off to bed we would go

into sweet dreams

and happy thoughts

knowing that when we’d wake

adventure awaited us again.

childrens poetry
Secret Permenter
Secret Permenter
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