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by Charlotte Eden Morris 3 months ago in humanity
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The little moments in life we cherish

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Pumpkin spiced lattes, the warmth of the coffee radiating from the mugs,

Your hands protecting the sweet cinnamon cup, just like a hug,

The sweetness of doing nothing, the spices that float in the crisp air,

The dancing steam in the rays of sunlight, so flowing until disappeared.

Comfort in the autumn, in the boots and scarves,

Comfort in the browns and green of leaves, of change in seasons, in the life in our hands.

The first sign of Christmas, the condensation on the windows,

The cafés flowing to the sound of festive songs and jingle bells,

Hot chocolates galore and children’s nativities natter,

Bustling families and wrapping paper tubes fill the tables.

Comfort in the winter, in the carol-singing and mince pies,

Comfort in the whites and reds, of change in seasons, in the life in our hands.

Quiet dark mornings, frost on the ground,

Moments of stillness all around,

Wrapping up so tight, the breath turning into dragon’s smoke,

Huddling into each other, with mulled wine and long bath soaks.

Comfort in winter, in the starry black skies,

Comfort in the fresh whites and beginnings, of change in seasons, in the life in our hands.

Sprigs of greens, of yellows, of purple haze, growth and seeds sewn in the early days,

Busy bumbles and the awakening of life,

Those new year resolutions all spring-cleaned away,

The general chit chats of work colleagues, the smiles in the street,

The strangers that pass us in the moments we meet,

Colliding through life, unbeknown to some.

Comfort in spring, in the start of something fun,

Comfort in joy and jumping of lambs, of change in seasons, in the life in our hands.

Blazing hot days, the play of beach afternoons,

Warm dusky sunset and the summer-time road trips to somewhere new,

Weddings and cake, fancy cocktails and rose gardens,

It’s all right here and it’s all very inviting.

Comfort in Summer, in the bliss of exploring,

Comfort of the adventures to come, with galivanting and soring.

Looking for the small things, the things that bring comfort,

The moments that matter most, the minutes of glory.

Comfort in being alive, comfort in the timing,

Comfort in everything we touch, see and smell,

Comfort in adoring.


About the author

Charlotte Eden Morris

Big imagination, happy heart, black and white words.

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