Conscious Poetry


What are we achieving?

Cars, a family

Stacking up the money

All while the world turns

Good to evil

We focus on individualism

We focus on differences

That we spread the truths of hate

That’s the worse aspect of achievement

After success we see little unity

Ask me and I’ll tell you what I want to achieve


Knowledge is wealth

Timeless lessons on how to succeed with unity

Peace and love

Brotherly help, no demonic Hell

Take time to pass on knowledge

That’s what we need to achieve

So go ahead

Rack up the millions

To the ceiling

Silly foolin’

You can’t bring that to the grave

But achieving knowledge and passing it on

Can fulfill the legacy to your grave

social commentary
Statz Street Poetry
Statz Street Poetry
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Statz Street Poetry

What’s up everybody? It’s your boy, Statz Street Poetry. I am a spiritually-influenced conscious hip hop artist/spoken word artist. With this platform, I will provide lyrics to my songs and poems. Check me out! You’ll definitely enjoy!

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