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Accept Me! I'm Your Friend.

by Duanyell Williams 5 years ago in surreal poetry
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"Be a Kid, Again"

I want to break down your great wall of frigid, unfeeling rationale with pure Dionysion tenacity

I know you hear my efforts.

My roar of reasonless passion has you cowering in your safe haven of Meaningless Paper, False Gods, and Flesh Robots

I know you have no love for these wastes of life

There is no light in your eyes

There is only a means to an end that you chose out of safety

You placed the ball & chain on yourself

While i ripped out the nearest white knight's throat and ran with it.

I never understood why you didn't follow suit when you once said,

"We're all just slowly exhaling ourselves, so there's no point to all of this foolishness but to continue finding things that matter."

So why?

Why have you done this?

Why throw yourself into a pit of subservience?

What happened to risk?

You used to be a wolf running rampant

Your stomping grounds were where ever you so pleased

You only did what you saw fit.

Now you've become a pathetic housepet

Doing tricks for the amusement of dolls with painted smiles

Listening to everything at face value

Getting your nose rubbed in your mistakes

All that's in your eyes now is regret and ghosts of happiness

I'm crying for you, my dear friend

I'm crying...

Tears fall because of how low you've fallen....

How small you look now.

But have you no shame?!

Smiling at the demons that tamed you through torture


You can't be serious...

I know you're not...

I know that you've forgotten me, but I'm still in your dreams.

I'm chained up in the farthest, darkest corner

Far from reach

I still see everything

I still know you...

You hate the wretches that did this to you

I've watched you rip out heart of one shove it down the throat of another

I've seen it.

I was there when you sent a head flying with the old axe you named 'Bobadocious'

You looked so satisfied...

Like a little batter that hit their first T ball.

I know you...

You hate all of this...

This cold world with no sun

This silly tower that you've holed yourself up in

What are you even doing in there?

Building silly things that are tried and true?

Reading the same books over and over?

You know how it ends

The hero wins....

Why not just run?

Escape and be feral!

In my tears' place are trails of steam on my face.

My body boils as I seethe with fury.

How could you become so pathetic as to smile in their faces when you hate them so much that you kill them in your dreams?

I've now become a likeness of Loki

I feel like it fits the situation perfectly...

I'm the Breaker of Worlds,

Come from the underworld to destroy everything you hate

Everything you've accepted through a closed mind

I'm so hot with righteous indignation that parts of that frozen tundra you dwell in are melting

My hands are flaming as I claw and tear at your wall

Nothing is as therapeutic as watching this perfect, exquisitely made white rampart fall as I destroy it with sheer force of will.

Did you think that i would be kept at bay by pretty patterns and symbols that mean nothing?

All it took was that memory of us tearing up a sleeping city on a whim...

Destroying monolith buildings in defiance of Social Norms...

Biting pedestrians with our intent to Kill...

Infecting them with unruly Human Spirit...

Even causing widespread chaos and rioting in the streets.

You dreamt of what it was to be alive and you woke up sweating.

That dream called me to you.

It broke my bonds so that I could open your mind again.

I know you miss having no fear.

No inhibition...

You were the authority of your perception

Now you ache deep in recesses of your heart

The thing you are now is nothing but a shell

And your heart...

The poor thing is malnourished.

It's small and desiccated in a dirty cell

Atrophied and weak from disuse.

You imprisoned it the second you accepted shackles you didn't believe in.

But I'm coming.

I've made it past your wall and I'm disgusted by what I see...

Nothing but colorful rubble and debris covered by ice and snow.

All being taunted by your castle...

Witnessing more of what little you've rebuilt from the ashes of your truest gratifications almost physically pains me...

The entire world used to be so beautiful.

Fantastic even!

Dragons lived here...

We would run together and I would be the heroes from your favorite books

You could fly

You could do anything

Everything was yours

Then you lost your light...

Now the world's a desolate wasteland

A cold Heuco Mundo

But I've finally descended on your mockery of contentment like the plague needed to absolve you of the sin of letting yourself become an amiable toy.

I feel as though I'm a thunderstorm of fangs

So I rain down on the useless soldiers outside of your domain crossing the bridge across your moat of frozen water.

I take my estranged form again;

A cascading rainbow in shape of a man.

I crush the sentinels' skulls as i walk in

The dancing that they're doing now looks like the most fun they've ever had...

I gotta say it!

I have to congratulate you on the masterpiece you've sought sanctuary in.

It's beautiful.


The decor is incredible!

You've really fung shui-ed the place...

Nothing will make me happier than when we burn this place down together, so I'll leave it untouched.

The paintings you've put up prove to me that you want to end this world you've created, yourself.

They look like you handed pandemonium the brush.

Each stroke looks frantic....

Like you were desperate to be wild.

The blinding white sheep are running to the edges of the enclosure,

So I have no opposition on the way up your Ivory Tower.

The worthless things are killing themselves as I walk past.

Some biting their polished guns and painting the wall in chaotic splatters

Some bash their own skulls in a frenzy.

The two coming up are preparing to jump out of the window by the staircase.

I think they made some sort of a bet...

None can handle the madness as I've taken Bacchus' form

You feel real panic and madness, though.

You feel me coming...

My return has your heartbeat rattling the tower

Shaking its foundation...

I'm still coming.

I'm in the corridor now, in fact.

The walls and ceiling are slowly crumbling as I approach the only door in the hallway...

As I turn the doorknob, the door breaks down and turns to dust...

There you are...

Curled up on the floor.

I can't even say you look pathetic at this point.

In your eyes, I see that you're shaken by my presence.

You look like the small child you once were...

The boy I used to play with...

Do you remember me now?

I'm your oldest friend

I'm your creativity

Your childishness

Your open mind

Your sense of fulfillment

I'm your hope for an empire and a world that looks up to you

I'm the very thing that makes you so great as to have your own world....

I'm freedom and choice.

Come here, poor boy

Come to me

It's been too long...

I'll become your favorite cat from the old lady's house down the street.

I know you remember it well

The little creature stuck around for every dream.

I could even find him for you, if you'd like.

I'm sorry that I scared you on my way up

I just knew that you needed me.

I knew that you had to accept that you need me...

I'm your passion...

I'm your most intense action.

You haven't been yourself, friend

You've been empty and low...

But I'm back

My darling friend, I'm back

I'm you.

surreal poetry

About the author

Duanyell Williams

I like to tell stories.

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