Abundant faith


Abundant faith
Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

What if Jimi Hendrix had survived?

What if terrorism were not contrived?

Would Colin Powell have been President?

And I never be allowed to be "resident"?

The country has to come together

to fight a culture that thinks murder weather

We have to make the murderers account

for the ungodly vacuum they leave us to count

America should have safe streets, safe homes

Not a building to throw your stones

Does anyone remember?

What it was like before September?

America will close again

on the barbarians who cause us pain

We will win at a cost

Decency not permanently lost

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Bruce Underwood

I am trying to figure out if i can make the same amount of money working as a poet for Vocal that i can working part time as a dishwasher.

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