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A Year to Keep Going

January 2024

By VPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

It's 2024, a new year so they say,

Yet everything feels the same,

Just a different day,

The same corruption, wars, and words of blame.

Everywhere I turn, shows me the shadow of life,

Homelessness and starvation are on the rise,

Hurt lingers, knowing they're trying to survive,

Another day,

Going about my way,

"This can't be real", I say,

Seeing them pick up bodies every other day.

Echoes of despair and unanswered cries,

"How many more have to die?"

In the middle of the struggle, I'm finding my way,

Unsure of what the future holds,

Something must change, come what may,

Hurt and frustrated, empathy within me unfolds.

We all carry burdens, that are unseen and unfelt,

Invisible scars, the weight we all bear,

This is not the world I was dealt,

A truth that is hard to bear.

But within me, a spark remains,

A flicker of hope, a guiding light,

We are not alone during these pains,

Together we can make things right.

Freedom calls, a path to seize,

No more chaos, no more fray,

With hope and action, we find ease,

Brighter days are not too far away.

Our journey continues, onward we stride,

For ourselves, for humanity's sake,

In unity, our strength won't hide,

A better world is ours to make.

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  • Manisha Dhalani4 months ago

    Here's to a great 2024 to you!

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