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A Work in Progress

The Promise Kept

By Kishan BaskaranPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
A Work in Progress
Photo by Alex Lopez on Unsplash

I made a promise to myself,

That there will be a day when I look in the mirror,

And not apologize for the fragile creature I once was,

Acknowledge the resilient being that I am,

And embrace the unbreakable creature that I will become.

Seeking external validation,

I accepted the verbal abuse.

Thunderous white noise,

Coloured by rose tinted glasses,

Muted the red flags,

From a black heart.

It took me too long to recognize,

The vile venom you spewed,

Became the voice of my inner thoughts.

I lost myself,

Seeking external validation.

Without an ounce of disbelief,

I will fully believe in myself.

I will no longer depend on a crutch,

to keep myself hoisted.

Seated comfortably,

I will reign over my kingdom.

This life is wasted,

Thinking about the flaws,

That you have imposed upon me.

I am more than this weak creature,

You continue to picture me as.

I will not shatter,

From your continuous poke,

Ever again.

I am still hurt,

But that does not mean,

I am not strong.

This heart that is now hurting,

Will continue to beat proudly,

Creating its own sweet melody,

A symphony so ruthlessly delightful,

It echoes throughout my bones,

Orchestrating my forward movement.

The once fading amber embers of my soul ignited,

Enveloping this temple of mine in a crimson aura.

Freed grey matter,

Returns to the ivory throne,

Fueling internal validation.

I am compassionate,

I am loving,

I am ruthless.

I am who I let myself be.

I am sad,

But happiness is not foreign to me.

My endless tears have stopped.

The pain etched in my soul fading.

I know I am loved.

I am enough.

... And so ...

I keep the promise to myself,

Today I look in the mirror,

And not apologize for the fragile creature I once was,

Acknowledge the resilient individual that I am,

And embrace the unbreakable person that I will become.


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