A War

A War We See Often, yet Not at All

A War

Holy waters I walked along

Holding in mind the celestial song

A song of a war, unending till time

Runs out of seconds to turn to rhyme

The king of light lay, in his angels embraced

Blue like the water that below them faced

And reflected the majesty of his excellence high

He could see all was good with his all seeing eye

As I walked toward home, I looked toward the west

Where the king of light laid in his hammock at rest

And I smiled at the peace brought to my clear mind

Then all clarity left as the sky king hells fires did bind

The sky king was afire, red, hot, magma in the sky

The angel armies that held him did burn too with a cry

The sheep of the great burned quick and turned black

And the armies of hell below now brought full attack

They overcame the angels, holding up their king

The king now pulled down to the abyss, drowning

Still a fire, all his subjects burning like old, dead wood

As the enemy did run across the sky, taking all it could

And soon it was over, the black legions won

The great king was drowned and forever gone

The earth too was ravaged by hell's forces all

One by one all creatures everywhere began to fall

As I lay down, stricken by the demon's blow

I saw some stirring, and perceived a faint glow

Pricks of wintry white spots did then appear

And the army of the fairies came charging with cheer

They flickered and glimmered as they swung their swords

The black legions broke their ranks and become small hordes

Then the fairy king bright, glowing and trampling them down

Beginning the victory that would bring back the one who did drown

They fought for so long, but to no avail seen

That the war seemed all to have forever been

Battle was life now, and still all were gone out

‘Till the blue angels rose, on yellow steed about

They climbed the sky with their celestial glow

And the fairies left with the hell legions go

The hordes they did retreat fast down to their graves

As the fairy king faded, counting all his great saves

They had fought brave, but this was the angels domain

And in the dominion of the blue angels, he left them again

For now that the sky king had flown up from the abyss

His glory was shining bright for all who its light did miss

The king rose very slowly, still biding its strength

With gratitude given, his majesty shown at great length

The kingdom restored, and peace now reinstated

The king in the sky devotedly demonstrated

That his power was never dead, but only held back

The black legions had no use in their great attack

But they would be back, and in all their rage

One day may keep his holiness locked in their cage

For now the great heavenly angels sit tight

Holding their great king in all of his might

I got up from where I fell, covered in dew

Leaving the sea with its gorgeous view

On my way back home, I recalled my dream

Of the great war that took place, so real it did seem

For the battle that took place was not all in my head

Though my sleep out on the sand made me yearn for my bed

surreal poetry
Max Messick
Max Messick
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