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A Vagabond Creed

by Kit Olsen about a year ago in surreal poetry
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"There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy," he said, unable to define the indescribable...

A Vagabond Creed
Photo by Shot by Cerqueira on Unsplash


1. Seek the magic in all things from sunsets to streetlamps

Streams to skyscrapers

Even now within this world of stone and steel, magic seeps into the everyday

Recapture it and find peace within it.

2. Remember that the only thing constant in this earth is change

Summer turns to fall turns to winter

Men age and die, new generations rise to take their place

Use this memory well

Cause the changes you wish to see

Make the old new again, and treat both with respect

Look to the past to bring about a future

History brings with it lessons to be learned

Recognize that Now will soon be Then

And act accordingly

3. Create, create, create

Find what brings joy and utilize it to the benefit of all

Let your words inspire, let your songs ring out for all to hear

Do not be content with the mere act of creation

For life and light should be shared with all

Use your talents to benefit those who need it most

Feed the hungry, clothe the naked

Protect the unprotected, defend the innocent

Educate the uninformed, enrich the poor in spirit




4. Look beyond the binary

Existence has never been black and white, one or two

Find grace in the grey and one-point-five

Find life in the teal and the twenty three

Find joy in prism and infinity

Embrace the in-between and the liminal

For magic lies within its non-existent borders

Abolish roles of gender and authority

Embrace androgyny and equality

Subvert expectation

Destroy imbalance


5. Reclaim life

Be the dandelions growing in the sidewalk cracks

The trees taking root on mountain sides

The forests regrowing from ash and charred seeds

Remember that the natural will reclaim the artificial when we are gone

And protect the resources found within the world we exist within

Seek out alternatives to energy and power

And create new models of sustainability

6. Travel

Find the hidden places in the world

Uncover their secrets

The world is larger than you or I or all of us combined

Do not fear it

Embrace it

And find your place within it

surreal poetry

About the author

Kit Olsen

Queer poet, short fiction author, and long-time storyteller of all varieties. Feel free to stick around and see if anything catches your fancy!

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