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A trip to the fridge

A monosyllabic poem

By Lucy Dan (she/her/她)Published 2 years ago 2 min read
A trip to the fridge
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It had been quite a long time

since I’d had food

so I went to the fridge

to see what was in there.

There were eight eggs,

some old rice

and new fruit…

some soy sauce and spice.

Not quite what I want

to taste at this time.

One door up,

the cold food North,

I found the right treat —

Got me a scoop

of mint choc chip ice-cream.


Thank you to Christian Bök & the #PoetryInVoice newsletter for this prompt!

Write a short story (no more than 200 words) about any event of your choice, but do so, using only words of one syllable (none of which can exceed 5 letters in length) — perhaps something like this excerpt from Robinson Crusoe by Mary Godolphin:

"When we had set sail but a few days, a squall of wind came on, and on the fifth night we sprang a leak. All hands were sent to the pumps, but we felt the ship groan in all her planks, and her beams quake from stem to stern; so that it was soon quite clear there was no hope for her, and that all we could do was to save our lives."

Notice that I really tripped up there because I couldn’t say freezer, which had more than one syllable. That definitely made it a lot more fun to write.


Lucy (@ramyeonjpg) is a budding poet who jots down all the wildest pieces of her life into poetry form. By day, she's a graduate student. By night, she crochets an unreasonable number of scrunchies to de-stress. As someone who never runs out of ideas, she aids other writers who run into writer's block with weekly poetry (or writing!) prompts. Feel free to join in here!

This piece was first published here.

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