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A Tree's Life

A Poem

By Conor MatthewsPublished 29 days ago 1 min read
A Tree's Life
Photo by Jan Huber on Unsplash

Withering winter branches,

Sprawl and drip like cracks,

Bare bark upon the trees,

Behind the rocks in stacks.


Shimmering Spring blossoms,

Drape and trace like a shawl,

Alluring for the animals,

Amidst the caw and call.


Hollow and still,

Cold and without breath,

Daunting and tall in the air,

Where trickles and mouths are met.


The flutter leaves spread,

And fall in summer heat,

Carried away on the heavy stream,

Soothingly washing your feet.


After years worth of weeks,

The buds struggle and sprout,

Coming to regale passersby,

Soon to flourish and flout.


They stand there still,

As when the stones were placed,

And they'll stand forever after,

We and the stones are displaced.

By Jan Huber on Unsplash


nature poetry

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Conor Matthews

Writer. Opinions are my own. https://ko-fi.com/conormatthews

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Comments (1)

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarrana day ago

    This was so deep and beautifully written. Loved your poem!

Conor MatthewsWritten by Conor Matthews

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