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A Towel For The Soul

A wonderful Item of many uses

By George HallPublished 9 months ago 1 min read

A towel is like a blanket for our very soul,

so pure and innocent and without fault.

It offers up it's tranquil nature of softness and cosiness,

that is often hard to fathom, yet alone decipher.

It's easy to underappreciated this simple item,

for it has many uses and wonderful features.

It offers up so much love and support,

often at time we forget that it's made for us.

It requires no payment or expression of love,

only that we look after it and keep it clean and warm.

surreal poetry

About the Creator

George Hall

I'm a freelance creative writer from Australia, who likes to write about all sorts of different and unique things. I have a soft spot for spy and disguises related stories as well as fantasy fiction, I'm also a massive music fan.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 7 months ago

    I love towels! Great work!

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