A Thirsty Female

by Charlene Ellison about a year ago in heartbreak

Move Right Along

A Thirsty Female

If a man was with you with one child and had another one to keep him

But he did not stay… Do you hate the person that he is with now?

Looking at such a masculine fine man that stays in the gym

She questions herself because she stated on the divorce decree he was a cheater

If that is the case, you should be well off with someone else

Oh, no that would be too easy… Yet you need to know what is up with Shellie and Peter

It is sad when a man left and continued to be a perfect father figure

Although, now you look in disguise because you feel that she has taken your life

She came after the divorce… Yet he loves her and does not wish to reconsider

Throw shade all day… What you threw away came and does not want to leave

She even tried to do you a favor and at one time give him back

The dreams of him coming back is all that you misconceive

A bitter woman that finds joy in trying to make another’s person life a living hell

What is not claimed she do not usually entertain

Furthermore, she knows that this is far from farewell

Laugh now but cry later is such a perfect phrase

Although, it makes you look unattractive to hate on another woman

Live, love, and laugh is all we do no matter how the weather blows

Yeah, we get it your emotions get the best of you… only human

It is a cold world when a woman hates another woman for a man who does not love her

Here is a tissue… not one, but two… the man you left is now her soul mate

She still wishes you the best in life… yet she is the one he prefers

Maybe one day you can finally move on toward a new beginning

You deserve someone just as much as anyone else

They are not thinking about you… they say cheers… as they hold their drinks to the ceiling

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