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A Subdued Awakening

On dreaming.

By KBPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
A Subdued Awakening
Photo by David Emrich on Unsplash

We jump over the moon

Before sitting in the shed

Speaking of our past

And the lives we have led


We swing across the vines

After leaving our home

Speaking of our future

And suddenly we're in Rome


The way it jumps around

Seems quite peculiar

Like the day we left school

And walked to the jeweler


That day surely went quick

A blur across the photo

Running to the courthouse

And flew off to Kyoto


It's almost as if our life

Came out of a dream

With all the obscenities

And all of our schemes


But soon I awaken

To see it isn't my life

My drool splatters the pillow

And I have no wife


I went to three countries

All in my sleep

But hope to find the day

Those dreams are to keep

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A snippet of life. Some real, some not. Thanks for reading!


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  • Jess3 months ago

    Enjoyed the lyricism in this poem, looking forward to more of your work!

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