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A sight for sore eyes

by Ana Sofia Brito 7 months ago in heartbreak
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Love at first sight

A Sight for Sore Eyes

Looked at you from the other side of the room

Room full of moonlight,

Moonlight filled your eyes with the brightest of the stars.

Stars, shooting uneasiness all over my body

Body moving along, closer to you

You were a predator in a room full of shadows

Shadows summoning me, guiding me, pushing me.

Me, in a trance, falling in love

Love, too weak a word to describe

Describe us, describe what happened next.

Next, another life, too far from where we are now,

Now, seeking for answers, for the time we fell in love

Love everywhere, love anywhere, in waves, like a virus

Virus spreading quickly all over

Over, no one explained how we get over love at first sight

Sight for sore eyes, sore throat, sore heart

Heart full of sorrow, loss and love.

Love, just love!


About the author

Ana Sofia Brito

Primary School Teacher and Drama Practioner, Ana Sofia Brito lives with her family in London, UK. She loves writing, cooking and travelling. The Adventures of Clarisse in the Birds Valley is her first novella.

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