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A Shop Built for Coffee


By Brett MayfieldPublished 6 years ago 1 min read
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this shop was built for coffee

yet it smells of something less imported,

uniquely domestic;

for never could from the falling of filtered beans

arise aromas such as these

of empathetic eccentricities

which lull my anxious, underspoken heart.

around this room are books and shelves

and people! ah, those particles

of the eyeglass-bearing,

bold stench that holds these walls

from dropping the weight of the worthless

atop our caffeinating cups,

our captivating minds.

perhaps it is the coffee talking

but this high seems fueled

not by espresso, but expression,

because when I no longer smell

this welcoming air

it’s not the headache I'll await

but a heartache I'll feel.

and I'd rather not leave

this shop built for coffee,

these tightly packed particles

of eclectic appreciations,

because here my heart can speak up

and my mind can chill out

and my lungs can slow down--

so I'll sit here felicitated,

ardently breathing.


About the Creator

Brett Mayfield

Be bold, be bright.

Northwestern University class of '22. Advocate for the unity of people through education.

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