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"A Resounding Cry: Black Lives Matter"

"A Resounding Cry: Black Lives Matter"

By BUSHRA TANVIRPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Black lives matter, it's more than just a phrase,

It's a movement, a call to action, a righteous blaze.

For centuries, black lives have been oppressed,

Discriminated against, treated as less.

But now, we rise up, we take a stand,

Demanding justice, equality, a fair hand.

We march in the streets, we raise our voice,

We refuse to be silenced, we make a choice.

To fight for what's right, to fight for our kin,

To fight until black lives matter, until we win.

We won't stop until the system is changed,

Until the world recognizes the value of our range.

We are strong, we are resilient, we are proud,

We won't be held back, we won't be bowed.

Black lives matter, it's a powerful creed,

A rallying cry, a call to those in need.

So let's stand together, hand in hand,

And make sure that justice is always at hand.


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