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A Prayer to Herself

I lost myself... so I prayed for myself.

By Bianca BeaufordPublished 4 years ago 1 min read

Hope has a way of creeping in when it's least expected

A blessing when you feel like your whole life is gone

I miss her so much and she's right in front of me

I feel like the beautiful little girl that I worked so hard to let her feel like she's something

Feels like she's nothing

It starts with me and I'm trying to lead by example

But this weight on my shoulders is such a huge burden and I can't find relief

Cause my crutch is gone and I don't know how to stand strong

I try to reach and there's no hand to hold

She used to be my reason

Now it just feels like treason

What happened to my sweet angel persona

Just like me, she's lost who she was

We're both changing, and it's so alarming

And if I don't show her that light, I'm terrified she'll end up dark

I see it coming

In her eyes, her demons are roaring and her sights are set on me

Her eyes are like daggers to my heart

God it hurts so damn much

I see me in her and I hate it

I've got to help her find her again

She has to do it, I can't for her

I want to protect her from all of it but she has to walk or she'll never learn

So I lead by example, that's all that I can do

Somebody please guide her, I need someone with wings

Until my mission is done she needs you

Guide her please to the light

God be with her please save her from herself

She's hurting and she needs you

Spare me just come save her

I don't want her light to burn out

Her light shines brighter than mine

She just hasn't grown wings yet

Warrior come save her when I'm gone

She's a lotus flower, a phoenix fire bird

She's come through the mud and she's growing petal by petal

Don't let her purple color fade

Yellow turns to brown after too many shadows.

sad poetry

About the Creator

Bianca Beauford

Im not always sure who I am or what I stand for if you're 100% about either there's no room to evolve.Growth is some powerful shit.my mission is to help a few people trudge through the mud. I want to inspire someone to inspire someone else.

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