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A Poetic Tapestry.

Poetic Tapestry.

By Mehidi Hasan Published 7 months ago 1 min read
A Poetic Tapestry.
Photo by Anthony Da Cruz on Unsplash

In the realm where words weave dreams,

Let me paint a scene in vibrant streams.

A tapestry of verse, both light and deep,

A poetic journey, let your heart keep.

As dawn unveils its golden grace,

The sun awakens with a gentle embrace.

Birds serenade with melodious tunes,

A symphony of joy under the crescent moon.

Whispers of wind through ancient trees,

Caress the senses, like a gentle breeze.

Leaves dance and flutter in the air,

Nature's poetry, beyond compare.

In fields of flowers, colors unfold,

Their petals like secrets, waiting to be told.

Each bloom, a verse in nature's grand tome,

A harmonious chorus in this earthly poem.

As twilight casts its ethereal glow,

Stars emerge, a celestial show.

They sprinkle the heavens with cosmic delight,

Guiding us through the velvety night.

The ocean, a vast expanse of mystery,

Its rhythmic waves, a tale of history.

A symphony of tides, a lullaby of the sea,

Whispering secrets, for those who seek to see.

Love, the muse that ignites the soul,

Like a river, it flows and makes us whole.

In tender moments, hearts intertwine,

Creating verses that forever shine.

Yet, not all verses are filled with light,

For life weaves a tapestry of day and night.

Through shadows and trials, we find our way,

In verses of resilience, where hope holds sway.

So let us cherish this poetic land,

Where words are crafted by the poet's hand.

For in the cadence of every line we read,

Lies a connection, a truth that we need.

In this poem's embrace, let us find release,

A sanctuary of words, a place of peace.

For poetry's power knows no bound,

It echoes in our hearts with a resounding sound.


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Mehidi Hasan

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  • Real Poetic7 months ago

    I went on a journey through your words. Thank you for that.

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