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A Nightmare

by Emrys Everette 2 years ago in surreal poetry
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The Eight point star

I keep waking up in the dark,

Though I swear I nap in the light.

Like that night I dreamt of the park...

I told them I wanted no fight.

These knights of eight each stood around

Their blade made a star with equal points,

They thought this symbol kept me bound

After which all I'd want was their blood as paints.

So I did raise my hand and ask them to leave,

This nigh to enjoy is all I had and still they stood

So I closed my hand and you could hear them heave

As their bodies landed, this isn't all I could

Do I knew it was me playing, teasing the knights.

I then came to them one by one,

Each made the next less fun

And soon enough once again I had the night.

Though I stood in that field, no longer just green

And found that it did not feel the same with red.

After the violence the field had see,

It's almost as though I did spoil it with the dead.

surreal poetry

About the author

Emrys Everette

You want to know about me? Well shoot, here's the short version. I'm gay, I'm 22, wildly imaginative and curious as can be. I can get short with folks, I'm typically sweet as can be. I don't honestly know what you'll want to know.

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