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A night of peaceful sleep

What? Just WHAT can I do for a single night of sound sleep?

By Shivani ParekhPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
A night of peaceful sleep
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

I don't know

What sleep is,

Since the day

I knew crisis.


Crippling anxiety

To burning hunger,

The fuming coffee

Kept me up longer.


Lost my peace,

Lost my joy.

Now at this point,

I'm my own fate's toy.


I regret every moment,

And every night,

that I chose to stay up

I didn't have another way, right?


Now what should I do?

With the fulfilled goals

but empty house.

I had no time for my social roles.


Just if I could turn back...

and not stoop so deep,

Just praying every moment

For a night of peaceful sleep.


The poem is about a man who struggled and struggled in his prime years to get ahead in the rat race, but has lost his peace, family, health and purpose in the process. He accepts that all he has now is money and he lost everything else in the process of earning it. He regrets his choices while wishing for a night of peaceful sleep.

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About the Creator

Shivani Parekh

Just an introverted girl who gave up speaking her mind as she felt that no one listened. But her self-expression found its way through written words, scribbled sketches and painted worlds.

Welcome to my mind!

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  • Novel Allen4 months ago

    We all make mistakes. Just don't give up.

  • Neesem Khan4 months ago

    Very nice and great

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