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A Murderer’s Confession

by Rachel Campbell 3 years ago in sad poetry

Guilty as Charged

I have emotions raging within.

Torments left of a guilt sin.

I didn’t really mean to pull the trigger.

My problem had grown and gotten bigger.

Now I am left here all alone.

Except for the man above on the throne.

It’s too late for anyone’s sympathy.

Whatever the righteous reason may be.

The ruination of a cruel lifetime.

Caused by a meaningless crime.

Conspicuously locked away in my tiny cell,

I realize fully I’m condemned to Hell.

For forgiveness, I plead each day,

As I kneel constantly to pray.

My consequences are rightfully due.

Therefore, my life is assuredly through.

The executor awaits dimly ahead.

Before I am strapped and pronounced dead.

As this world I hurriedly leave,

My soul again shall I never retrieve.

sad poetry

Rachel Campbell

I am a single mom living in East TN. I suffer from fibromyalgia and try to make the best of each day. I am a bonafide book worm and used to write poetry in my younger years.

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