A Mother's Love

The Tale of an Elephant

A Mother's Love

The day you were born, you shook the earth. The moment, I saw you my eyes lit up with joy. I know from that moment, I'd do anything to keep you safe.

I loved teaching you the ways of our kind. I loved watching you grow stronger, and become smarter each and every day.

I built such a strong emotional connection to you. I couldn't wait to spend the rest of my life being your mother.

I was so happy, to have you. You completed me. My little family was whole.

I loved watching you grow. Seeing how long your pearly white tusk had become.

I tried to shield you away from the dangers that we faced. But you were too smart. You knew too much.

I was bathing in the water when they came. I took my eyes off of you for one second.

I panicked as the poachers viciously and mercilessly slaughtered my child, for his tusks. They turned all that was left of my most prized possession, into piano keys.

I will mourn for you the rest of my life. I just hope you knew how much a mother can love.

The day you were born, You shook the earth.

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Miquela Wallace

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