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A Moment in Time

by Beth Erickson about a year ago in inspirational
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Beth Erickson

I lay under the canvas of night.

My eyes filled with the luminosity above.

Each star fighting to be irradiant,

each struggling to be seen through the approaching clouds.

Pink, purple, blue, and yellow clarify and define each extremity of the spacious force.

Engulfed in the activity the night presents.

My lungs fill with the sweet, salty, wet fragrance the cloud possesses.

It starts to drip, slowly.

I smell the electrifying scent of a rain that will purify the earth.

I can taste the yearning for each droplet as they absorb into it’s skin one by one.

The time between each drop seems to take hours, yet seconds all at once.

At last the cloud releases it’s burden.

The curtains of tears wash away the day, and the dirt that suffocates the earth.

Freeing it’s pours, purifying it’s soul.

I stand still, arms stretched out, embracing the feel of each cold spheroid.

I feel the wet dampen my clothes, and saturate my skin.

Clinging and heavy the fabric holds to my physique.

I involuntarily dance, moving to the orchestra above.

My body fills with energy, with ecstasy and peace.

I feel aligned with nature, I can hear the hum, the vibrations from all around me.

With each step on the blades of slippery, vibrant greens,

I feel the sorrows and pain I clung to withdraw from my soul.

I feel in tune with all that’s near.

I feel submerged with a collection of emotions,

they absorb into me from all around.

I am smothered with sensation.

Gasping to catch my breath and myself.

A clairvoyant awakening, a warmth of peace cloaking over me.

I close my eyes, absorbing and separating each moment as every trickle of rain tickles my senses.


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Beth Erickson

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